Vpn fritzbox lan-to-lan and nethserver

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.8.2003

Hello everyone, I am new!
(Forgive me but I use a translator)
My situation is this:
Fritzbox local network

Fritzbox remote network in the office

The VPN connection is established through the two fritzboxes and the networks communicate correctly, I can access both routers and remote computers with remote desktops.

In the local network I have installed nethserver with
RED interface 192.168.178.xxx

green interface 192.168.33.xx which is DHCP for the local network

from the remote network I can ping nethserver on the “RED” zone (192.168.178.xx), but I can’t ping nethserver in the “green” zone (192.168.33.xx) and consequently I cannot access the shares.

How can I do?

Anyway, if the server has only 1 network interface, 192.168.178.xxx Nethserver Address should be on the green interface, the only mandatory.

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