VPN Error 500 on Nethgui

NethServer Version: 7.2 Rc1
There are error message after apply configuration OpenVPN

Ehi Ya,
Please, can you add more details? Logs, configurations and so on…? Unfortunately a screenshot like this isn’t enough

Hi Ale , hi Ya
i’ve faced t the same issue on 7 rc2 enterprise ,in my case was a misconfiguration of the routed mode class that was the same of a green subnet, solved just by modifying the routed mode subnet.
hope this helps

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Hi Ya,

I can confirm @fmenegoli experience:

If network is set to green IPs (in my case an error 500 appears.
If you set the network to i.e. it should work.

@giacomo @davidep can this field be ckecked like: if network is in green/red => message “Please choose a different networkrange.”? That would avoid missunderstanding.

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Yes, we can add a validator.
I added it to RC4 release plan: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/projects/2#card-1107702


Validator was the word I was looking for, but didn’t find it. Thank you Giacomo.
I think I should validate my vocabulary by more learning with my kids… :smile:

Validator looks like a Decepticon… :joy:
Let’s go validate them all!!

I’m having the same problem! Error 500! I tried on another network and even on different installations, but from the same error