VPN connection problem

I followed the instruction from @Nas and installed the certificate on my computer. [Howto configure OpenVPN…][1]
When I try the VPN connection I got the error message

As fare I understand the VPN request is forward to the NS on the RED connection but on this side is no DHCP who know this FQDC to resolve.
I can’t find any option to create the certificate with the IP address instead with the FQDN.
How can I solve this problem?
[1]: Howto configure OpenVPN Roadwarrior

HI @WillZen in client configuration file please rename server1.swan.lan to External IP of your server.

-remote server1.swan.lan
+remote (your RED IP)

If you mean I have to replace it in the OVPN file (certificate) I did it and got the following error:

This only works if you have a static external IP on your RED interface.
If you have a modem/router between your NS and internet, then put the external IP of your router there. If your privider sets you up with a dynamic IP adress, you will have to use a service like noip or other dyndns service.

You can also fill this and re-download the configuration file

somth wrong with Certificate [soft, tls-error], please redownload client configuration file and rename remote section only.

Ok. I am going to do it tomorrow when I am there.

Thank you all for your help. :+1: :smiley:


See my other post for a possible reason for this. Maybe. :grinning:


@EddieA firstly I suppose we have an issue with NATed external IP, another issue most probably related to connection to the provided server IP.
All variants should be checked.

I created a new Certificate and got the same problem that it can’t resolve the FQDN.

I found one mistake. I copied the configuration file *.ovpn in /Progrm Files(x86)/OpenVPN/config/ but it doesn’t use it.
I started a connection with right click “Start OpneVPN connection on this config file” and I got one but still an error.

Run OpenVPN client as Administrator in Windows

Thank you for your help. The last information was the missing point.