VPN + backup restore

I see that we do not understand each other: let’s see:

what commands must you give so that you can reset both the DB and the DB in sqlite3?

Maybe the people who read it don’t know how to do it…

“Non siamo nati tutti imparati”

Ok but google??? Whi not?? compare???

Problem log file connection is different to db connection.
Solution possible, backup log file and db file and reset

cp /var/log/openvpn/host-to-net-status.log /var/log/openvpn/host-to-net-status.ori
cp /var/lib/nethserver/openvpn/connections.db /var/lib/nethserver/openvpn/connections.ori
connect with sqlite3 console command and truncate table for delete all entryes
sqlite3 /var/lib/nethserver/openvpn/connections.db
delete from connections

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nothing changed

@Valeriy can you paste screenshot with new error?

nothing changed

@support_team, any help here?

Did you try to create the same user again? If this doesn’t work we should have a look at the db.

No. I have not tried to create the same user.
After restoring, there are 23 certificates in the / var / lib / nethserver / certs / directory,
and the web interface https://xx.xxx.xx.xxx:9090/nethserver#/applications/nethserver-vpn-ui displays 19 certificates

Could you try it please.

Created the same user. He appeared on RoadWarrior accounts. Only does not show Certificate expiration.