Voip server configuration

Hi all, I need to configure nethserver as a voip server. Can anyone give me directions on where to find a guide / documentation on nethserver? Thank you all .



So buddy, how’s going?

Hello ! Regarding the configuration of voip on nethserver I would have wanted a step by step tutorial to try to understand how it works and how to make it operational. In some subjects I have little knowledge and therefore I need more basic help.

Hi @france ! What help do you need? I have configured a server with FreePBX and I am a worker for Movistar (Telefónica), the largest telecommunications company in Spain. If you want, send me a private one with your specific case and, once we get what you need, we can explain it here in case it helps someone else too. Greetings!


Hi and thanks for your help. In particular, I was asking for a how to on how to configure freepbx step by step, which terminals to use and service provider. However, as previously written, I am at the first experience on this service. In the meantime, I’m researching what I find on the internet to understand how it works.

Way outside the scope of the Nethserver docs. Here are some resources that might help:

Really, any SIP-supporting ones you want. I’ve been happy with ClearlyIP for a desk phone:

…and Yealink’s W56P for a cordless phone, but there’s lots on the market there.

Can’t help you there, I’m afraid; my experience is in .us. There, I’ve found clearlyip.com, voip.ms, skyetel.com, and bulkvs.com to all be good. But I think you’d need someone else to tell you who would be good in .es. You may want to ask on the FreePBX forum:


Perfect, I’m going to prepare some tutorials. I will go in parts and, as soon as I have them, I will upload them to the HowTo.

I think that depends on each one. For example, I prefer the Yealink for desktops and the Gigaset for cordless phones.

More of the same. It depends on what you need (if you need international calls, minute rates or “packs” with minutes to mobiles and landlines). Apart from having it configured with my phone number from my ISP (VoIP over FTTH), I have bought a virtual phone number in Zadarma (what do you all think?) And I have configured it without problems. They also have quite a few tutorials (I’m not advertising :grinning:)


Thanks a lot to everyone for your contribution to the community!

But stay far, FAR away from the Cisco 79xx series. Yes, they’re cheap. Yes, they can be made to work. But it’s a royal PITA, which is doubtless why they’re so cheap.

Not to tell you your business, but there are already lots of FreePBX tutorials out there. If I might make a suggestion, it might be best to focus on what’s unique about FreePBX on Neth (e.g., ignore anything any other tutorial says about the firewall), at least at first. That seems like it would be the more pressing need.

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Sorry, lots of replies in a row. But I do use FreePBX, and have for a few years–but on a separate machine from my Neth box. I’ve been using a variant called IncrediblePBX, and it looks like they’ve just recently released a prebuilt VM image that you can fire up under Proxmox in a matter of minutes:
Prefer VirtualBox? Yeah, they’ve got that too:

Since the kerfuffle with CentOS, they’ve moved to a Debian base. I’m using an older release that runs under CentOS, but it’s been working well for me.

I really believe that the freepbx tutorial must be specific to nethserver, as users have to make it work on this server. There are many how-to’s made for nethserver, such as pc linux joins, wbmail sogo, etc. My expectations are to improve nethserver and its modules in the best possible way. Of the pro I recognize that the community of this server is supported by a lot of people quite professional and above all available. Thank you all .

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Certainly there are things that are specific to Nethserver–the firewall is one example I already mentioned; another would be how it’s going to use TLS certificates. But FreePBX is a complex, widely-used, and well-documented piece of software. IMO, it would be a waste of time to prepare and maintain Nethserver-specific documentation on choosing a service provider, setting up extensions, configuring trunks, inbound/outbound routes, etc.–all of those subjects are thoroughly discussed in many other places, and there’s nothing at all Neth-specific about them, so I don’t see any benefit to reinventing the wheel there.

Of course, if someone else is writing the docs, they can write about whatever they want. But I think the greatest “bang for buck” would be to address the Neth-specific issues in more detail, and then (as is already done) refer to the official FreePBX docs for matters that have nothing to do with Nethserver, perhaps adding some other good resources.

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I know I agree with you. The issues need to be discussed around newthserver. When I asked for a how to it is linked to nethserver, as you have already pointed out, there are many documents on the internet. But I think that writing something specific for the server is the first step, clearly afterwards you can deepen it with other resources … Anyway thanks for your suggestions.

I know this is a ‘bit old’ but from reading between the lines… is there a repoository of how docuemnts somewhere, if so where?