VNC does not work from Guacamole to MAC

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
** Guacamole: 0.0.1
I’m trying to configure the VNC connection from Guacamole to desktop computers. Windows computers works fine, but I’m unable to connect to MAC computers (2 different mac books). When I connect to the MAC computer, I’m get “you have been disconnected” and “/var/log/messages” shows the following error:

Mar  3 15:15:52  server Selected Security Scheme 30
Mar  3 15:15:52  server guacd[9941]: Libgcrypt warning: missing initialization - please fix the application
Mar  3 15:15:52  server kernel: guacd[9946]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f16c03ac944 sp 00007f16b30ee990 error 4 in[7f16c0398000+1d000]
Mar  3 15:15:52  server guacd[1137]: Connection "$620c5a74-8986-48cb-a3d8-bb518074aeb5" removed.
Mar  3 15:15:52  server guacd: guacd[1137]: INFO:#011Connection "$620c5a74-8986-48cb-a3d8-bb518074aeb5" removed.
Mar  3 15:15:56  server server: 15:15:56.552 [Thread-94] INFO  o.a.g.tunnel.TunnelRequestService - User "arturs" disconnected from connection "19". Duration: 4886 milliseconds

Could you please help to troubleshoot this?



I’ve been using Guacamole for a doctor’s practice for over a year (To a VNC enabled Mac) - and it’s worked sofar.
I just checked it, and I get the same errors you are, so it’s probably an issue after an update…

The Mac is the PACS for X-Ray stuff…
Now to see what exactly “broke” Guacamole…

@mrmarkuz: Hi Markus any ideas?
My Client has a Disk Issue, so updating Guacamole has to wait til Friday, when we get replacements… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

Didn’t find it on the release notes for 1.2.0 / 1.3.0 so maybe the fix will come with the next release:

Regarding the segfault, unsure if it is related to the same issue or a different one. If a different one then further debugging might come into play.

EDIT. More details:

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Thanks. I have looked at workaround posted and seen that the paths listed on the comments did not work in Nethserver case. So we need to wait the next release. Is it correct?

I assume the problem is with epels guacd packages which are version 1.3.0 but maybe it helps to use an older version of guacamole from my repo?

One of the comments is about older versions are working:

Just to confirm, version 1.2.0 and VNC username password authentication works with all versions of Mac I’ve tested with.

ok, but what version can I install?
is this ?

This one should be Guacamole version 1.2.0 that may work for Mac:

yum downgrade

I have already this version on server. After execution of the command the connection to MAC does not work and Libgcrypt warning is logged on messages log.

yum downgrade
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events
nethserver-guacamole-0.0.1-2.ns7.noarch.rpm | 23 MB 00:01:12
Examining /var/tmp/yum-root-vT3gyK/nethserver-guacamole-0.0.1-2.ns7.noarch.rpm: nethserver-guacamole-0.0.1-2.ns7.noarch
Error: Nothing to do

The RPMs do not cover all Guacamole versions. You may just download one of the versions here.
Only the guacamole-*-.war file is needed, rename it to guacamole.war and put it to /var/lib/guacamole/ and restart the needed services with

signal-event nethserver-guacamole-update

As regards the guacd VNC component, I found packages with older versions here.

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I have moved the 1.20 war file to the /var/lib/guacamole folder and restarted the service. Nothing has been changed- the same (error is generated).

Did you already try version 1.3.0 of Guacamole client?

Maybe try an older libguac-client-vnc version?