VM size changed but does not change the Disksize in a NS8 Installation

I have an NS8 Installation on a Proxmox VM. As i started to check out the NS8 i decided to give 20 Gb as Harddisk. Now i changed my mind and resize the disk to 40 gb. In Prox it worked, but it shows not the right size in NS8 disk. Maybe a bug?

Disk or partition?
Consider that NS8 is an application, no more an OS. So the underlying OS is in charge to manage partitions, mountpounts and such.


If I buy a new, bigger HD / SSD and clone everything over, I get exactly the same effect, the usable disk space doesn’t change or get bigger.

→ You also need to enlarge the file system used.

The process depends on what you’re using, eg ext4, xfs or whatever.

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