VLAN on Nethserver with Zyxel switch and Unifi AP Lite

hey Nethserverians!
please bear with me, I am trying to implement VLAN and not able to work it out.
I am using
Esxi[Nethserver] Gateway
Eth0 Green Network:
Eth1WAN Network: Connected to Internet Modem
Eth0 Virtual Interface (Blue - Guest)Vlan 11: DHCP Enabled
Eth0 Virtual Interface (Blue - Guest)Vlan 12: DHCP Enabled
Switch: Zyxel GS1920-24hp
Access Point: Unifi AP Lite
Could anyone tell me what configuration do I need on Nethserver, on switch Trunks ports, etc (not much idea about it) and unifi AP Lite? I want to have 3 wifi networks having green, VLAN 11 and VLAN 12 networks.
I would be really thankful :slight_smile:

I’ve always had to download/install a Unifi Controller to set VLAN setups on my AP’s but you might be able to configure them locally. If you have the time, you can spin up a Debian/Ubuntu virtual machine and then install the unifi controller on that for your initial setup.

yes I have installed unifi controller and in wireless networks I added 3 wireless networks. 1 without VLAN ID (Default green Network- its working DHCP from nethserver) and 2 with VLAN ID 11 and VLAN ID 12.
I am not sure I’ve done the Nethserver and switch part correctly. could you help me out regarding switch configuration and Nethserver configuration.


I’ve not used Zyxel switches before but my google foo found this:

Hello, i can’t help for with the zyxel switch, but if u just wanna pass multiple vlan’s ( maybe tie it to different SSID ) to your Unifi AP, just make sure the LAN port where your AP is connected it’s set as trunk (so alla vlan get passed) and for each SSID use the vlan configured on the NethServer

Under Adcanced Options → VLAN → Fill in the VLAN that you wanna use

Thanks everyone for helping me out. I am able to work it out. for guys like me if someone is stuck, here is my solution which I implemented.
I was using ESXi and Nethserver was a VM.
So, Adding logical interfaces on Nethserver using VLAN doesnt work it out because even you tagged this interface with Vlan ID when it sends the traffic it uses ESXi port group and there its VLAN 0 default.
what I’ve done is…
I added logical interface on ESXi having the same switch as lan is assigned (by adding VLAN ID). and on Nethserver VM I added another network card by assigning the port group which I created on ESXi. then, On Nethserver I have configured the Interface (Guest-Blue) with assigning desired IP address. and that on switch vlan trunk mode and tagged as it says in many manuals and tutorials. it worked out.

Again Thanks for your help!