Virustotal Integration

Dear members,
I am a adopter of the Nethserver and i am Impressed about the Functions.
Currenly i use the Server as a Mail Server in a Production Test to see if i can replace my Provider Mailserver completly by my own Infrastructure.
I am Currios about one thing is there any Integration of the Virustotal api planned especial for Mail but may be also for Link Scans and more?

i hope some one has already created a package for Integration?
i can use Linux but as a Windows Tech a how to would help me very much.
I understand the tech but Linux is still more tricky than using a Windows Systems. :wink:
Kindly Regards
Shodan KI

NS already has AV and antispam features… can you explain why do you need virustotal (an external service) and what virustotal has that is not already in NS

anyway, I’m quite sure there’s n such an integration package ATM

Me and @giacomo evaluated a Virustotal integration, but we dismissed it because of licensing problems.
The first paragraph in bold.

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I agree this is a reason to dismiss the option to integrate it in NS.

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@shodanki I’m sorry but I have to close this request after @filippo_carletti’s comment