Virtualizacion support with ovirt

Hi guys, its been a while since i was here. My company started using rhev as main virtualization engine, after we suggested ovirt.

Since there’s no virtualization appliance on nethserver, is there any plan to add ovirt support, or other tool like that i the future.

There used to be a virtualization module on NS but that was dropped some time ago. There is still some information about NS hosting VM’s using KVM in the admin manual But this is very basic. (to put it mildly)
NethServer is a very nice distribution, but IMO there are other (better) ways to manage VM’s or even complete virtual environments like ESX(i), ProxMox, Xen, HyperV etc…
Personally I quite like ProxMox and have that running on my home server with several NethServer instances on top of that as VM’s.

IMO there are just better tools available. If it is just to do a quick install of some distro, I’d go with virtualbox (or VMWare Workstation if you like that one more) on a laptop or desktop. For production I’d use a more serious hypervisor like one of the above mentioned bare metal hypervisors.


Rob, thanks for your answer, bu proxmox runs on debian, im not a big fan of that, we tried it as other tools before deciding for ovirt. I found out it is a great tool, and as you told previous versions of nethserver had a vmachine interface i thought on asking about it.

There’s virtualbox for Nethserver with phpvirtualbox as web interface:

@mabeleira, think of it as the functionality you need. Not of at with the bias for or against a distribution.
When you use proxmox, 99% of the time all you see (and need) is a webinterface. Now you tell me: what does it matter if proxmox has been built on Debian? What if it was built on Arch? or CentOS? or Gentoo?, or Slack? You probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when using the webinterface.
When I started with NethServer. I remember @alefattorini invited me to come over from Zentyal (Ubuntu based). I had a lot of doubts because I was absolutely NOT familiar with (nor a fan of) the .rpm based package management. But I was able to step over that bias and since 2015 I am one of the most active NethServer community members, advocating the project where ever, when ever I can.
Again, (php)virtualbox is a nice option for a quick and dirty test of a distro, but if you need a permanent VM an Enterprise grade (bare metal) Virtual environment is what you want. There are several available and one of them is proxmox. It’s your call… :wink:

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The latest versions of cockpit project has improved a lot the vm support, and it is almost feature complete.
You could try latest packages and report here: