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NethServer Version: 7.9

This is a noob question here, I am studying Systems Engineering atm and my teacher requires us to use NethServer.

I am liking it but I do want to point out I am using mostly the GUI side of things.

I have a Web Server installed and I want to just change the HTML file in the default directory. However, my FTP does not allow me to do this because it’s tied to the core Apache rules.

How can I get past this and be able to edit the default HTML page or better yet is there more information on how to actually set up a site using the vHosts setup.

I have already read through the documentation on the Web Server Docs, but it does not go into much detail on how you set it up.

Would love some help.



Hi Brendan!

And welcome to the NethServer community!

If you’re using Windows, I suggest using both PuTTY and WinSCP, both are free, must-have tools for connecting and using Linux / UNIX from Windows.

PuTTY will give you encrypted access to the root console from Windows.
WinSCP is a kind of File-Manager with a 2 windows view - local and remote. This allows you to move files from Windows to ANY folder on NethServer - and also allows you to edit files, like index.html…

To overwrite the default web-page, you only need to put an index.html file in /var/www/html/.
As long as that folder is “empty” the default web page will be shown.

On my homeserver, I have a “cover” page in this folder (A catch all). Anything else is done as a vhost.

Feel free to download / copy all elements of this “cover” webpage if you want… :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

My 2 cents

PS: Using FTP for maintaining Websites is something from the last century, and should NOT be used nowadays! There are MUCH better alternatives! FTP is as such insecure, even the password is transfered in cleartext… The most used alternative nowadays is sFTP (Secure FTP), which can be done with WinSCP…


Thanks for all the info Andy! I will get back to you and see how I go. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay but yeah that all worked well! Thanks again!

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