Virtual Web Host & Maria DB Config Page Missing!

Hi all
Been playing with neth8 and so far very good. Thanks to all the dev’s.

VM installed on top of Rocky Linux 9 as per install instructions.

One of my instances has been happily running a web site for me that I originally setup via the virtual host config page. Now when trying to access it I get 404 Not found and when logging into cluster-admin I can no longer see any page for virtual host config. The same is true when looking in software centre, NGINX and Maira DB are no longer present any where!

I’m fairly sure I’ve look every where in the config. Under certificates there is still a valid one for the virtual host but this is the only reference I can find.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and if any other information is required in order to help I will do my best to provide it.

thanks D

enable nethforge in the software repository

In addition to the other answer, take a look for the webserver at the App Dashboard (dots on the upper right side).

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Many thanks to you both for your suggestions.

I googled nethforge repo and found it to be missing. Added it and now all apps are back plus loads more.

Thanks again.

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