Virtual Machines with dedicated physical network interfaces

NethServer Version: 7
Module: virtual machines

Hi I’m looking for a few pointers again please folks. I’m looking to create a VM that uses dedicated physical network hardware on my nethserver (DL580 G5) - i.e. it uses “kvm passthrough” which i think gives the VM full control of the network hardware. I have a 4 port ethernet card installed that is not used by nethserver currently - the devices are visible to Nethserver in “Network” menu but have been deliberately left unconfigured by me. When i use WebVirtMgr I am unable to see the 4 unconfigured network ports so I cannot add them to the VM

Ive previously managed to do this on an Ubuntu server running kvm and could use an X windows utility “virt-manager” to assign network hardware to new guests

Any help to smooth my way through appreciated!

You could run that same virt-manager linux program to connect to the kvm instance running on NethServer. It’s the way I always use to work on kvm.

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There is a lot of ProxMox advocacy on these forums, but again I would also strongly suggest to use ProxMox instead of bare metal KVM. It has so much more options and is quite easy to manage.
If you can rebuild your server without too much downtime and/or hours spent, IMO you should consider this option…

thanks Filippo I will go with virt-manager because that does what i need - I’m still getting my head round what Nethserver “lets me do”. Can i install extra programs like virt-manager from command line without consideration of Nethservers database… im ignorant on this front so any pointers as to what general approach should be taken would be great. I recall installing php want trivial and needed to use a specific repository…

You don’t install virt-manager on NethServer, you use the one you have installed on ubuntu to connect to nethserver.
Like thunderbird on your client connecting to NethServer to work on email, virt-manager connects to nethserver work on virtual machines.


Got you Filippo… I realised after I’d posted!

to continue this thread - i have fired up an ubuntu vm on my laptop (via virtual box) and have installed kvm, virt-manager etc onto it. i have also installed openvpn and setup a working client connection to the remote nethserver host. Where im struggling is that the virt-manager x-session that fires up is constantly prompting for password and also constantly dropping sessions… in essence its unusable

i have tried installing openssh-askpass which was not recognised but managed to install ssh-askpass … this has partially helped but i still dont get a usable connection

does anyone have a fool proof method for achieving virt-manager access to nethserver? any assistance really appreciated

Use key-based authentication.
Basically: 1. ssh-keygen 2. ssh-copy-id
Plenty of guides on the new. One: