Virtiofs? (NS as a KVM guest)

NethServer Version: latest

I am running NS as a guest to KVM (UNRAID).
I recently changed VM’s configuration, to make a share to host system using virtiofs and not 9p.

It didn’t go well.
I edited fstab to include this:
UNRAID /UNRAID virtiofs rw,noatime,_netdev 0 2
but says that virtiofs is an unknown filesystem.
Seems virtiofs is not supported in NethServer?
Is it possible to enable it somehow?

Don’t consider nethserver something different than CentOS 7.
Look for the compatibility of virtiofs on CentOS 7 you’ll find a better answer.

I understand.
Actually, I hit the same wall with 9p (which I found out 3 years ago and forgot about it, but seems I have thread for that here too).