Video tutorials installation Nethserver

This week I will initiate some recordings of the first steps for the installation of NethServer

The NethServer community has a channel on YouTube? @alefattorini

Hi Jose, this morning on youtube I found this video : . A member of Nethserver Community posted it. Unfortunately it shows the installation of Nethserver 6.1 and not of the last one version (6.6). Maybe @alefattorini will be able to help you…


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Good Morning,

So I mean, to have a community space where we bring new videos nethserver oriented to provide end-user support and / or IT staff that is implementing.

For example:

Someone who wants to set up the proxy, or DHCP server. is that we have this community and here the basis for creating this audio / visual material

Thanks @Giuseppe_Trianti :coffee:

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Like this idea, it’s easy. Upload your video on your channel and I’ll add it on this page:
Take a look at @stl00 video
You can create video in english or spanish as you want

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Take a look at this on owncloud channel, good starting point:

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