Video Call (Beta) - Not working [error code]

Chrome error code:

not working video call

(I hope to be of help to other people as well).

Hi Nix,
please help us to help you :wink:

Could you please describe better what are you trying to achieve?
What is your WebTop version? Did you follow the documentation?

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This is not a relevant error. We need more details as said by @giacomo and check also /var/log/webtop/webtop.log

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The buttons do not activate video call and voice call.

Webtop version: 5

Specific: the error is seen from the google chrome browser logs.

Source link: , paragraph: “Audio and video WebRTC calls with chat (Beta)”.

I use the function: xmpp.bosh.url

Url: https://ip/http-bind

Hi @Nix,
I suggest you update WebTop to the latest 5.11.3 release and evaluate the use of this new feature as an alternative to video chat with WebRTC :wink:

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