VHOST - problems with SSL

7.3 RC4

Is known to you that there are problems, if one with virtual host the SSL forced?

As soon as I do this, the virtual host no longer works properly, the entire presentation is thrown over the heap.

I have this phenomen at Wordpress and at adimido (a club software based on PHP).

If I the following with a php script query comes the answer zero no ssl found, green lock is displayed however.

<?php var_dump($_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]); = Result is zero

<?php var_dump(json_encode($_SERVER)); the answer:

string(1538) "{"REQUEST_HOST":"verwaltung.thw-kost.de","UNIQUE_ID":"WI4IBltcyekookq1rLVl@wAAAAY","SCRIPT_URL":"\/test.php","SCRIPT_URI":"http:\/\/verwaltung.thw-kost.de\/test.php","HTTP_HOST":"verwaltung.thw-kost.de","HTTP_USER_AGENT":"Mozilla\/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:51.0) Gecko\/20100101 Firefox\/51.0","HTTP_ACCEPT":"text\/html,application\/xhtml+xml,application\/xml;q=0.9,*\/*;q=0.8","HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE":"en-US,en;q=0.5","HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING":"gzip, deflate, br","HTTP_COOKIE":"ADMIDIO_LTM_admidio_thw_PHP_SESSION_ID=43vsp764j6dkqchgqii5nnf9j1; ADMIDIO_LTM_admidio_thw_ID=43vsp764j6dkqchgqii5nnf9j1","HTTP_CONNECTION":"keep-alive","HTTP_UPGRADE_INSECURE_REQUESTS":"1","PATH":"\/usr\/local\/sbin:\/usr\/local\/bin:\/usr\/sbin:\/usr\/bin","SERVER_SIGNATURE":"","SERVER_SOFTWARE":"Apache\/2.4.6 (CentOS) OpenSSL\/1.0.1e-fips PHP\/5.4.16","SERVER_NAME":"verwaltung.thw-kost.de","SERVER_ADDR":"","SERVER_PORT":"80","REMOTE_ADDR":"","DOCUMENT_ROOT":"\/var\/lib\/nethserver\/vhost\/verwaltung.thw-kost.de","REQUEST_SCHEME":"http","CONTEXT_PREFIX":"","CONTEXT_DOCUMENT_ROOT":"\/var\/lib\/nethserver\/vhost\/verwaltung.thw-kost.de","SERVER_ADMIN":"root@localhost","SCRIPT_FILENAME":"\/var\/lib\/nethserver\/vhost\/verwaltung.thw-kost.de\/test.php","REMOTE_PORT":"51984","GATEWAY_INTERFACE":"CGI\/1.1","SERVER_PROTOCOL":"HTTP\/1.1","REQUEST_METHOD":"GET","QUERY_STRING":"","REQUEST_URI":"\/test.php","SCRIPT_NAME":"\/test.php","PHP_SELF":"\/test.php","REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT":1485703174.97,"REQUEST_TIME":1485703174}"

Does anyone know what the port does in the answer? I do not run a proxy …

The curious is at 6.8 the applications work …

Nice day! Still, thank you

I hope that people like @johnjervig @ibico @bwdjames @Hunv @Greg @jackyes can give a hand here. Do some of you tested that part yet?

I haven’t tested it, it should be possible to do, but I’m not sure how.

Regarding Wordpress, our Webdeveloper is using a Plugin to fix this. I think this is the Plugin called “Really Simple SSL”. That way Wordpress is not accessing http stuff from the https website anymore but uses https in general as far as I understood.

hi Guys

So still nothing new!

I still have problems running virtual server with SSL.

No matter whether the club software, Wordpress or more, it is always reported page not secure.
The same problem I had on an external server also, after a couple of settings within the rewrite rules, it went …

Apparently there are problems!

The default blank page of Nethserver works, as soon as what is in the directory is no more.

Think it is a resolution problem with the virtual host - external IP - on virtual host intern - SSL.