Very pleased with upgrade from 7.6.1810 to 7.9.2009

Not sure how to categorize this…nonetheless, I had the opportunity to upgrade a couple of Nethserver installations setup as AD Domain Controllers/File Servers. They are in production running some pretty important stuff for a radio station one of which directly impacts their broadcast.

They both were still on 7.6.1810 and I was bringing them up to the very latest 7.9.2009, which I ran in three steps following the prompts in the GUI and everything went crazy smooth. No hitches whatsoever. Custom templated configs came along for the ride, all updates completed successfully…It was really nice to see it go that smoothly.

The only thing I had to mop up was a couple of mapped drives that were set up with “username” instead of “username@domainname.local”, an apparent change between the versions.

Thank you to all for this great project. Looking forward to see where you all go from here…oh, and did I mention that we are absolutely loving the “new” Cockpit interface. Nicely done all around.



Hi Ken

Always great to hear from users running systems for so long - and then doing a long overdue upgrade - and finding out how smooth things can go even if one or two versions were completly “jumped over”!..


And if they don’t go smooth, that’s what this great forum is here for!

My 2 cents

Yep…I have dipped into this forum for help before when I had ran into some challenges and had a special use case I was trying to sort out. Found everyone to be very responsive and helpful.