Vacancy message


It’s holiday season, so I’d like to configure vacancy messages for received e-mails.
How can I do it ?
BTW: I’d prefer if each user can configure your message.




If using NS7, each user can configure their own Mail-Sieve rules, including a “vacation” or “out of office” reply.

It’s easiest to install Roundcube and use that to configure the mail-servers mail-sieve rules. The Postfix server respects the rules created by RoundCube.

Even if RoundCube is NOT really used (only for setting mail-sieve rules), it’s worth it.
WebTop and SoGo will also respect these rules, as they are “server” rules… :slight_smile:

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Hi Andy
I have roundmail installed and some of them use it a second client (fistr e-mail client is Thunderbird) so this is possible… I just do not see how to do it. I’ll try and document it on a wiki page later.

I wish this could be done as an additional package just how was done on E-smith: a simple user-settings page to enable Out-of-office / vacancy messages and other features.

I’m aware user can login on user-settings page to self service and change his own password.
Could it be expanded to Out of Office messages and more ?

I’ve created one Christmas auto-reply as below

I’ve doubt about last field “how often send messages” : if I put 2 on this field, just one message each 2 days will be sent ? So with 1 on this field, sender just get one “out of office” each day and so on ?


So far you’ve done it correctly, as far as I can see, and exception typos.

Yes, this is basically correct, but it’s been a while since I last done it.
And, yes, eg set 7, you only get one message a week.

Make a test, and you’ll see very quickly!

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Hi Andy

I got it working but REALLY HATE to have teach all my users to use this.
I think we could add a new section on user-settings and ask for start/end date + message for Out of Office (OOO).

I’d like to help on this, just tell me where to start and provide some help.
I have no skills as developer but I can create scripts because I’m a sysadmin :smiley:
And I’m really a PITA about user experience/web interfaces/user friendly interfaces. hehehe

We need a few components (calendar for start/end dates; text box for message) and maybe a test button. Maybe the server could store a few OOO templates for vacancy, sickness, travel and sysadmin could edit templates (using html code and vi is acceptable because sysadmin can use his own web tools)

What do you think about it?
BTW: I’d like to see it working in no longer than 7 days… so it must to be easy to do/test… if it takes longer… I’ll teach my users to edit AutoReply rules in webmail/RoundCube.


As NS8 is soon to be released, I’d say the dev’s do not have time at the moment to implement this in NS7.

Add in the public holidays etc, 7 days is unrealistic…


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ok… I’ll configure them by hand now… by myself.
I was trying to do it togheter with other developers, so I was in a hurry to have it, by create and use time to learn how to adjust things in NS!

But even my first test failed. I got no answer for a sent message.

I’ve copy the rules from roundcube and anynimize it.Se below:

require ["date","relational","vacation"];
# rule:[Férias]
if allof (date :value "ge" "Date" "date" "2023-12-22", date :value "le" "Date" "date" "2024-01-03")
	vacation :days 2 :addresses "" :subject "Aviso de Férias" text:
Obrigado por seu e-mail!
Eu estou de férias entre os dias 22/12/2023 e 03/01/2024 (inclusive) e não estarei respondendo e-mails nesse período.
Retornarei ao trabalho no dia 04/01/2024 e responderei as mensagens na ordem que chegaram tão rapidamente quanto possível.

Se você precisar de ajuda nesse período, por favor sinta-se a vontade para contatar Juliana, Gestora de Contratos no e-mail ou pelo telefone (11) 1111.1111

Tenha um bom dia,



Where can I see the filter logs to undestand why auto-answer didn’t worked?

AFAIK, /var/log/messages or /var/log/mail should have something…

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Hum… I just discovered the filter is working BUT the e-mail is never sent:

The Sieve tried to sent:

Dec 22 13:14:24 agulhao dovecot: lmtp( gCkFH+C1hWVlRgAAlXp8jQ: 
sieve: msgid=<CAJpZcaHTW+fJdaALqyB1-C5mVa7wBfm6mNYFd0fo02i4x5W_iA@>: sent vacation response to <>

but got and error and say why:

Dec 22 13:14:26 agulhao postfix/smtp[18032]: Untrusted TLS connection established 
to[]:25: TLSv1.2 with cipher 
ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256 (128/128 bits)
Dec 22 13:14:27 agulhao postfix/smtp[18032]: 8446348CBD6D: 
to=<>,[]:25, delay=2.8, 
delays=0.01/0.01/1.8/1, dsn=5.7.26, **status=bounced**
said: **550-5.7.26 Unauthenticated email from is not accepted due to 
550-5.7.26 domain's DMARC policy**. 
Please contact the administrator of 550-5.7.26 domain if this was a legitimate mail. 
To learn 550-5.7.26 about the DMARC initiative, go to 550 5.7.26 w17-20020aa79a11000000b006d960e96bd3si3485543pfj.18 - gsmtp 
(in reply to end of DATA command))

I have DMARC configurated and the e-mail is denied because OOO message is not authenticated.

What should I do?


Maybe first test if all mail stuff is correct, I use, among others, these two for this task:

The second is VERY good, but as it’s intended for a newsletter, it also checks if you have a option to terminate the newsletter subscription. This “error” can be safely ignored…

I assume you have missing or incorrect MX, SPF, DKIM or DMARC entries. This can help find out what.

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Hi Andy

Thank by your support
I just discovered my domain has a DKIM key configured on DNS but this was done by someone else (maybe a ISP or newsletter provider) so I do not have control over it and it is not configurated on NS7!

I think the web GUI creates a new DKIM record for domain, so I cannot use the standard config.
Trying to find out how recover the secret part of DKIM (if this exist!) and how put that key on NS7 by hand .
EDIT: just find out the key in PEM format. How to install it on NS7??
EDIT2: I just found MailServer Configuration (autodiscover, SPF, DKIM) - #40 by Nas but it’s old (2016)

Any new/updated tips about how to configure NS7 to use a -dkim.pem file I have already copy on it?

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I’ll document here and later try to edit WIKI about it.
If you wanna to have DKIM, you can try enabling it using the three dots at right of each domain.
My config has 2 domains configurated: domain.tld and hostname.domain.tld
I change domain.tld only.

After choose option Configure DKIM, I saved it even the DKIM key (private is not show, but public is shown to update/create TXT record on DNS) I went to CLI to replace it.

I went into /etc/opendkim and on default.private I put the old DKIM private key (my .PEM file has the public and private key, I removed the public part!)
and restarted the opendkim service: systemctl restart opendkim
after a few minutes tested it on NS7 GUI and reported as ok for DKIM so I went to site and verify it!
I got a 10/10 (even my message miss a HTML version or my reverse DNS is not ok)
Now I’ll fix those problems.

FINAL RESULT: My vacancy message IS WORKING NOW!!