V7.3.1611 Installation doesn’t work

As discussed in the support forum V7 installation problem the installation from USB doesn’t work. If the ISO file is burned to a DVD it works fine.
As far as I understand for the USB installation a script is missing. For the installation from DVD it is different script.

As already replayed in linked post, I can’t reproduce the problem. :frowning:
We regularly use the USB stick to install our servers.

This is a wrong info, scripts are the same both for USB and DVD: https://github.com/NethServer/nethserver-createiso/tree/master/src/lib/ks

The kickstart path is calculated using the FS label (thus, you can’t use tools which modify it like the Fedora one):

See also:

A quick test, check the pendrive label is nethserver

Than I am sorry for the wrong interpretation.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work with two independent test. Maybe someone else can test it who understand what is happen during the installation.

This kind of errors I hate when they appear not every time. It difficult to figure out.

I used Rufus on Windows to “burn” iso to Pendrive, the pendrive is 4gb and was formatted by the software. Label were correctly applied (Nethserver).
Rufus asked me if i want to write it into ISO or dd Mode, i choosed ISO because not only was the suggested one, but also because i already used this mode for Ubuntu Iso.
@WillZen: what did you used for prepare flashDrive?
@giacomo: which is your procedure for prepare flashdrives?

I used one time Fedora Live USB Creator and the other time USB Installer PendriveLinux.com.

You must use dd command stated inside the manual.

The manual stated different tools:

On a Windows machine, make sure to format the USB drive then unmount it. Use one of the following tools to write the USB stick:

Fedora LiveUSB Creator
Win32 Disk Imager
dd for Windows

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Indeed correct.
If a tool should use specific kind of interation, should be specified, or… removed.

Ran some tests to find out what is working.

After that, I think we can close that discussion