UTF-8 support for Webdav through WebTop5

(Bobby Dilton) #1


I’m missing the UTF-8 charset for connecting my nextcloud through WebTop, so every folder that has any of the åäö in the foldername just get an error message trying to open it.

That would be very nice if this connection could be fixed. Or maybe someone have the key-value for the setting this? I’ve tried for the vfs using unicode and charset.

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(gabriele_bulfon) #2

Let me see if I understood what you mean: you added your nextcloud as a reseource in webtop cloud, to use it inside webtop, but folders in nextcloud with accented characters throw errors while opening?
Can you check the webtop log for stack traces when you do this?


(Bobby Dilton) #3

Correctly, the only error from webtop is below

Caused by: org.apache.commons.vfs2.FileNotFolderException: Could not list the contents of “webdavs://bobby:***@/nextcloud/remote.php/webdav/BOLAGET/Anställning” because it is not a folder.
at com.sonicle.vfs2.provider.webdav.WebdavFileObject.isDirectory(WebdavFileObject.java:653)
at com.sonicle.vfs2.provider.webdav.WebdavFileObject.doListChildrenResolved(WebdavFileObject.java:427)
at org.apache.commons.vfs2.provider.AbstractFileObject.getChildren(AbstractFileObject.java:1008)
at org.apache.commons.vfs2.provider.AbstractFileObject.traverse(AbstractFileObject.java:121)
at org.apache.commons.vfs2.provider.AbstractFileObject.findFiles(AbstractFileObject.java:943)
… 61 common frames omitted

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(gabriele_bulfon) #4

Thanks, we opened an issue here:


Hope we’ll be fixing this soon.