Using webtop as a webmail client

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: webtop

is it possible to use webtop as a webmail client, with multiple email accounts on the same login user.

i have been searching for such an option or configuration with no success

The only webmail system I’m aware of, that’s packaged for Nethserver, that allows that, is Rainloop.


It’s possible with SOGo.

No at the moment.

In some beta version the ability to connect to other imap accounts in read-only mode was included, but then it was not released.

what happened to it, why was it removed.
Am just trying to remove the multiple interfaces i/we have to login to make business run

I don’t know.
Maybe @lucag or @gabriele_bulfon can enlighten us.

External accounts are a fetaure already developed last year, and is available through a debug switch.
The reason why this feature is currently hidden, is that handling remote accounts on the same highly interactive interface can be heavy for the system and may not be as responsive as local accounts.
Add that we cannot grant correct work of any imap server out there (GMail being first, as it operates so bad in imap mode).


LOL, we answered in the same time

Gmail works bad in all standard protocols…


how do i enable that interface, i would like to test

in this case i am also talking of using other internal email accounts on a single email interface

This you can do it through sharing: share the whole account, including identity and mailcard, and you get everything in one interface

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