Using two Wans on nethserver

Hello everyone,

I have my nethserver working well, but now I want to put my nethserver with two Wans (one as primary and the other as secundary)
I have 3 Nics.

My idea was to create two routers (Each one with the wan) both router goes to the nethserver nics (RED) and then the other nic goes to the switch.
I also want the nethserver provide DHCP, with that I thought to use the VLan (Green)

This is possible?
And, what is the best way? I wanted to use only one switch to provide the Lan.

If anyone have something like that I appreciate, and provide me with a diagram it’s cool to.

Sorry my English, but I’m Portuguese

A (very) brief introduction to multi-WAN is in the documentation:

The problem is not the multiwan, it’s more if the idea that I put below is correct, and how I do that, if anyone have a scenario like that is more easy for me to understand.

It 's possible to use the two different routers?
or Does the nethserver can be a router?
Can I use the third NIC to go directly to the switch?

Bare with me, since I am new to the project, NS is acting as a router when red and green networks are used. And according to NS can set up a PPPoE connection.
What you probaly want is setting up 2 internet connections using a modem/router and 1 connection for the LAN part.
The 2 internetconnections should be “RED” connections and the LAN connection should be “GREEN” (and goes into a switch for the local LAN)

If you use a modem/router to set up an internet connection and plug in your RED interface into that modem/router, you will have a ‘double NAT’ situation. This can work quite well but has some limitations, especially when you need to have external access to services on NS. You will need to open ports on the modem/router and forward requests on ports to the RED interface connected to the modem/router.
However, some providers let you set the modem/router in transparent mode. Then everything will be passed on to the RED interface and your RED interface even will get an external IP address. You have to ask your provider if that is possible and if they want to allow the transparent mode.

Long story short: yes you can have multiple routers connected to NS RED interfaces, 1 router per RED interface, and your GREEN interface can go into a switch. If DHCP is activated on the GREEN interface, any device connected to that switch will get an IP addres from NS in the LAN subnet.

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Thank you is exactly what I want, so we can use the nethserver as a router?
I’m going to try first just with one internet.
But how exactly is the configurations??

If was you how you did it?

The provider (IPS) gave me a public IP to use and I want to use that to create.

Also, have a look at this discussion for multiwan config: New configuration for the multi-wan monitoring