Using the FF addon for ham/spam training in rspamd

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: rspamd
I have mail on my private server running with RSPAMD.
As client I primarily use Thunderbird. I found this addon for Thunderbird to easily train rspamd, but I can’t seem to set the proper folder(s) for ham and spam training.
It’s this addon I am using:
Part of the addon is 2 handy buttons to copy (or move) messages to ham and spam training folders.
In the settings of the addon I can set the directories, but I think my syntax is wrong, because when hitting one of the buttons I get the message that the training folder is not set.

I created a folder in IMAP tree of my mailaccount called rspamdtraining and 2 subfolders called ham and spam.
Any idea how to get the training buttons to work?

rspamdtraining/ham and rspamdtraining/spam do not work. Question is how to put the right ‘syntax’ so the folders are correctly pointed to.

/edit1: found the syntax:

I had to add a starting /

/edit2: How can I check the ham/spam training is actualy picked up by rspamd? @stephdl


check maillog you will see spamtrain.nh triggered when you move the spam to junk

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I prefer (visually) Spam Scores.
You don’t need any add-on to train rspamd: simply move messages in/out of the spam folder (set the right folders in thunderbird preferences).