Using one AD/LDAP for more Nethsevers (Nextcloud and other powerfull stuff)

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: AD/LDAP

I like Nethserver, but my first maschine ist to slow. But ist running fine. On this Maschine is working Samba with AD, Fileserver (Samba and NFS), Mail Server and Sogo.

I try Nexcloud and onlyoffice but than the load is to high.

Plan is using a second hardware Sever 8core with 48GB with Nextcloud and Onlyoffice.

Is ther any HowTo for this ?

thx Axel

You can connect two Nethserver using in your case Remote LDAP.
Please refer here

If you install NethServer on the second server you should first adapt the server name to the wanted FQDN. Then go to configuration / accountprovider and install Samba4 account provider.
There you have the option to join an existing domain. All users in your domain will be available for the services you create on your new server.

Thx for your help I will try it soon :slight_smile:

And yes, I like this question, because I don’t want to stress the principal NS and I want to setup more services like Nextcloud running in another NS hardware.

So, excuse me to ask here, but seems related:

If I have one NS running as a AD/PDC, how can I have a second NS as backup for authentication when the first is down (maintenance, etc.)

I ask, because yesterday, something goes wrong and I lost the authentication on my only one NS (AD), something like a DoS, maybe caused by a excess of log with Samba Audit + Antivirus accessing the shared folders.

So I wonder if I can setup a secondary NS using my own computer that I got always running with virtualbox. With the purpose of authentication for our AD users, it is possible and how to setup a joined secondary AD server for this kind of emergency?

mmmh, need to read this Join an existing Active Directory domain

– Edit:
Not enough, need to find what I’m looking for: “Add a slave AD with NS on an AD/NS” ?

Thats a tricky one. I understood the big catch is syncing sysvol… Maybe @davidep can elaborate

sounds like the old samba problem with PDC an BDC
wan never real good flying winth Samba 3 an i never try it with samba 4

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We have been discussing multi DC in this topic: Active Directory BDC/slave role

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