Using Nethserver’s LDAP to authenticate users in Guacamole

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: Guacamole

I’ve installed Guacamole from the mrmarkuz repo outlined here:

I’m able to login using the default guacadmin/guacadmin login, but LDAP logins don’t seem to have any rights within guacamole.

I’m able to login with LDAP user credentials, but I’m unable to create connections or use connections. Do I need to re-create the users within guacamole in order to control access rights?

Yes, you need to login as guacadmin and create a user with same name and set permissions:

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That worked! Thanks!

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Thanx @Keith_Haines and @wbilger, I added some lines about guacamole user management to the wiki for better understanding.