Using NethServer only as Active Directory DC for 250 users

Hi guys

I was testing Neth server approximately 1 year ago and found it very simple regarding the initial config. Win machines seamlessly join the AD domain. Worked with RSAT tools. Now I am at the crossroads. I have an organization with 250 users and we only need a domain controller for the authorization, simple network drive mapping for users, access to shares on the NAS and similar. Nothing else. I’m interested in the peoples opinion on using neth server for this role. Do you have some similar setup with this many users? all of them are win machines.
It will be a virtual machine, 2 core, 8-12gb RAM

Thanks for the input


Ehi Michael thanks for your feedback and welcome to the family.
If I remember well @iglqut was in a situation very similar.


nobody? I “only” need AD (DNS) for 250 users :slight_smile:

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I guess also @jjimenez has some hints for you :wink:

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I have a mixed environment with windows, linux and mac users, i have 3 instances of nethserver virtualized under hyper-v, one of the instances is doing the AD role, and it’s solid. In roughly 6 months working with it i only needed to do a server restart once. Our network is planned to serve 300 users by the end of this year.

On top of everything i must remark that we hired the paid services of Nethesis to support our installations, it is not extrictly needed to do that for a case like yours, but it gives peace of mind to have someone you can go to in case something goes wrong. I can only speak good things of their services and totally recommend you to get the enterprise version if you plan to deploy it on such a large network.

Should you require any more feedback feel free to address me again :wink: