Using Nethserver Inhouse (on premise)

In all my Nethserevr installations, i have mainly used the system online, on a hosted VPS instance somewhere.
I have not really used Nethserver inhouse, in the office or at home.

I would like to understand.
What are some of the ways users have deployed and are using Nethserver internally?

This is for those using it on non hosted cloud services.

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I’ve been using it at home as a file server and transmission with SSH for administration and VPN for remote working as well.

The server has had 2 network cards, one assigned to the green interface for the local lan, the other has been the red interface for the hot internet connection (connected to a modem for an FTTC connection).

My users are able to connect to all of the services when connected on the local lan and when they are external, they can access certain services directly or they connect using the VPN and access everything that way.

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  • mail
  • nextcloud
  • vpn
  • software repository
  • website
  • private wiki
  • tunneling ssh (I have a dynamic IP at home)


  • BackupPC (backup of all devices on the network)
  • VPN tunnel to the online instance
  • Website dev
  • Jdownloader (download my holiday’s movies)


I’m a self employed Network Consultant, working with 2 partners (to cover vacations, larger projects and such).

I plan / build and run networks for about 20-30 SME (Small and Medium Enterprises).
All my networks are “on site” for my clients.
All run Proxmox as basis, NethServer in a VM as AD, file, mail, nextcloud and Zabbix monitoring.

I don’t use NethServer as a firewall, this is done with an OPNsense Firewall - just for the reason I prefer having my firewall separate from any other service / hardware and running on independant hardware. I have used NethServer as a firewall, mainly temporary, but it works very well.

Backups are in house, but also daily “Off-Site”. This includes VMs. Backups are generally 7 Generations, Monthly (actually fortnightly, twice a month) backups are saved for several years.

Some clients are running 3 sites, with backups of each site at the other 2 sites.
There is one NethServer as master server for all, all sites have large NAS.

Some clients have HA Internet, with 2-3 Internet providers for redundancy.

Clients are mainly Windows, some are almost entirely Mac based. Very few have Linux desktops (unfortunately).

All networks are working very stable and well at the moment.

My 2 cents

My use case for NethServer has changed over time and more and more I am using NS as my go to platform. Like @Andy_Wismer my average deployment is virtualized onsite through XCP-NG with 4 -15 users using anything from AD/Mail/VPN/LDAP/Nextcloud/Fail2ban (<=@stephdl thank you for that!) . My backups are done via full VM nightly snapshot & delta backup to a NFS share on FreeNas that also gets encrypted and sent to a B2 Cloud Bucket.

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i cant believe i just learnt about jdownloader today.

what do you use for this?

for the wiki, my module nethserver-dokuwiki

for Jdownloader it is pretty useful, running with open-jdk without GUI, basically you have a web interface and you retrieve your download with samba.

when i become an advanced sys admin, ill try this… hahaha

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