Using NethServer in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform Or Azure

I know that there are people who use NethServer on various VPS Hosting Providers, and I am now preparing for a little project to get NethServer to work in Amazon Web Services.

In preparation, it would be interesting to know how many people would find it useful to be able to use NethServer in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform Or Azure?

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I wouldn’t use it any time soon, and I have some serious problems with data-grabbing IT Giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon… but fact is that these are the todays cloudplatforms. You almost can’t get around them anymore.
What I would be interested in is if there are ways to install NethServer in a secure way, so you can be sure your data is only for you. I doubt this will be possible, but it would be good to attempt anyway… (maybe by encrypting the vdisk you install on?)


@robb You raise some very good points.

I haven’t used Azure at all yet, so I cannot comment on what sort of encryption they may or may not have for the data.

I know that for GCP, you can turn on encryption but exactly what you can encrypt where - I am unsure.

For AWS, I know that there is encryption in-transit and encryption at rest and you can setup access to the EC2 Instance (AWS’s version of a VPS) so no-one can access it except for those who you give access too. I know for AWS, they do not have access to get inside an EC2 instance, so they cannot even monitor the memory utilisation without you installing specific software to do so.

In AWS, you can encrypt the EBS volume (AWS speak for the vdisk) and if you are using EFS (which you access using NFS) or AWS S3, you can enable encryption and the encryption keys can be managed by AWS’ KMS service.

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