Using NethServer as a second or On/Off DHCP server


For testing, also for updates and maintenence downtimes, I’d like to use NethServer as my DHCP Server and have a second Nethserver with a ready to use DHCP Server which can be activated or deactivated, as required.

Theoretically, NethServer can do this, however as soon as one deactivates the DHCP Server, it loses most of it’s configuration besides the reserved DHCP clients. See this window:

If I remove the tick at BR0, all the advanced options are gone and have to be manualy reentered.

SME-Server had a PlugIn (by our same Stephdl !) called DHCPmanager which I found extremly practical.
SMEserver uses TinyDNS, NethServer uses DNSmask - but both use the same DHCP server!

Say testing the new 7xBeta. I’d like to turn off my primary DHCP (NethServer) and let the Beta-test Server reply to those requests for half a day or so to be ablle to confirm the function of DHCP and reservations.
I still can do it, but I need to remember to copy / paste all the advanced settings from my docs…

It’s a small thing, but can be of great help.

-> Background:

Most DHCP Servers (Like Microsoft) will stop, when they detect another active DHCP Server online…

So testing would require turning off “other” DHCP servers, even if both are Nethserver. Another issue in such a szenario is race conditions. The faster and longer running DHCP server would catch most requests, leaving the newer “Test” server without any DHCP clients…

Would be nice, if this was possible…

My 2 cents…


Maybe in combination with this feature, when we use “static” DHCP we won’t have race conditions etc.

Found this:

Maybe an interesting feature to have a secondary DHCP server to turn on when the primary fails.

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