Using HP MFP with SMTP

Hello I am using 7.6 last version with sogo and internal mail. I by a vwery cheap and fine working HP A3 printer, scanner, copy- and FAX mashine (HP 6040MFP). One option of the priter ist scann to mail (Fax to mail to). I like to use the internal SMTP to send to internal users Scanns an FAXs.

I try to config the SMTP server in the HP MFP but it use port 25… It that possibel tu use with the Neth SMTP ? or to config uncrypt for internal use ?

Yes, Neth speaks SMTP with STARTTLS on port 25. I don’t know if it will let you authenticate unencrypted, though. If not, and if the MFP doesn’t support SMTP over TLS, you could configure Neth to let that IP address relay without authentication.

THx Dan. I will look for a firmware update. I will read the manual agin :frowning: thx for the infos

How can i config without authentication ??

It’s in the email configuration page:

@Axel for several reasons i suggest you to use 587 and authentication for your MFP.

Agreed (though port 25 with STARTTLS is equally secure)–but, IIRC, authentication in Neth necessarily implies encryption (it did with SME, anyway). If the device isn’t capable of doing that, it should still be usable, though less securely.

This tells that… maybe TLS is supported :wink: Latest firmware is of 2017