Using Hotsync as main production backup solution

Hi guys,
I’d like to ask if Hotsync can be used as the main solution for a production enviroment. I know it’s still marked as a beta package, but I’d like to know if anyone of you would recommend it or has an experience to share, as well as some other possible solutions. Thanks in advance!

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: Hotsync

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A StandBy Server isn’t really a “Backup”.

  1. You have NO versioning
  2. Restoring a single file can be a headache, instead of a few simple clicks…

You might restore a file/folder to eg yesterdays version, only to discover that the whole server is reset to that time, meaning that all mails from last night and this morning are completly gone for ever.
The StandBy becomes master, and has the status of the last sync…

My 2 cents

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Hi Roberto, I’m now the maintainer of Hotsync repo. It should work fine, but I suggest you to try it in testing before go in production.

If you can I suggest you to have to identical machines to sync.

This is not a replacement for backup. You should have also a backup data.


Hi everybody,
thanks for your answers. Yes, the machines will be identical, and sorry for not mentioning it beforehand, but they will be used as firewalls, so I won’t need to store things such as emails, files etc… I will also retain backups (config and data) besides Hotsync, will that be enough?



Yes, for a firewal(s) that’s enough!


Hotsync is NO backup! PERIOD.

@robb what do you recommend for this situation? Thanks.

Wait. With hotsync you can restart quickly if master machine has some problems. So I suggest you to configure hotsync, but also do a backup-data on NAS or USB disk or cloud.

Hello. I started a couple of weeks ago using Nethserver. I am interested to setup a backup domain / dns server for my network clients in case of failure of master server.

Has anyone tried to configure the hotsync slave server on google cloud platform? What’s the minimum hardware required? It’s available a best practice tutorial?

Hmm… that’s a nasty one because NethServer is not designed for multi DC. @davidep has created a howto to be able to replicate sysvol (that’s the problem why NethServer doesn’t do multi DC)
This is documented in opur wik, but not thoroughly tested.
It is based on the official Samba docs about joing an Active Directory as a DC:

As an alternative there is a Hotsync module that lets you create a carbon copy of your running NethServer: