Users,Shares, ACL, Samba, SMB4 and Sonos


Please call me stupid, but I do not get or see the point. I am running an AD on NS. Within that there are two users, thorsten and sonos. Both users belong to the group multimedia.

On my system there is a share. The share is owned by multimedia. Guest do have read access. Now I try to link the shares to my Sonos system. It works for the user thorsten, but it does not work for the user sonos. Yes, I check the password. The only difference is that thorsten belongs to much more groups and as a shell login. Also the password of user sonos is much easiers for test purposes (rules disabled).

Oh, by the way did I note: The user “sonos” WAS the user until mid of December, and it worked …

I really do not get this and it drives me crazy.

Thank for any hint and advice I may follow.
Best regards

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Sonos S1 or Sonos S2?

Apart from the fact that even in Sonos S2 they haven’t implemented smb2/3 yet, have you tried entering the username in the format


In many cases it solved (me too) who had problems accessing from multifunction printers to share smb that suddenly didn’t work anymore.

I would say since after the update to Nethserver 7.9.2009


Good Point

currently I use

MyWindowsDomain\thorsten or MyWindowsDomain\sonos

which works for thorsten but does not for sonos. Username thorsten or sonos alone does not work in at all. I will try the two other options:

\thorsten and \sonos as well as sonos@mydomain.tld

I can not really estimate when the problem occurred - I use sonos mainly for radio. Also, I am a full plex pass user which includes Tidal. My daughter does not listen to my music collection. She prefers some rather unimportant and interchangeable casted boy band instead of my “my ancient music collection”. By the way, I am the only one who thinks that Rolling Stones and Queen are timeless?


Worked! The system accepts the full name, but why is this necessary for user “sonos” while it is not necessary for user “thorsten” ???

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I have no idea :slight_smile:


Rolling Stones, Queen and numerless others made it “up there”, the Olymp of great, timleess music!

Without them, the boy groups of today wouldn’t have anything to sample and claim as their “own”… :slight_smile:

A Tribute to Freddy… Amazing how he interacts with the public!

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