Users and groups backup .tsv

when checking .tsv for groups and users, I see there is no data inside it
so how to active it? are there another place for backup possible to restore users and groups from it.
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Usually accounts are exported when uninstalling an account provider, see sssd devel docs.

To force account export:


I was Uninstall it before so why there is no info at:
/var/lib/nethserver/backup/users.tsv and /var/lib/nethserver/backup/groups.tsv
and what about backup,depends on .tsv files or using other methods?
and the command worked for me.

No, the Nethserver backup saves the config and the databases:

For AD (container):

Backups /var/lib/machines/nsdc/etc/samba and /var/lib/machines/nsdc/var/lib/samba


Writes config/data to /var/lib/nethserver/backup with slapcat for backup.

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How to show or extract the files that contains users & groups?