User-Lock and Limitation

Hi developers,

Is ther any GPO web frontend editor to limit user session login time and duration? Could such a login editor be implemented.

e.g. users of a certain group shall be able to log on to their windows PC between Mo-Sa 13:00 and 20:00 and So 10:00- 21:00 but not more than 2 h per day and not more than 10 h per week. Also, It would be nice to limit net treffic to red network in the same manner.

OK, this sounds specific to a supervisory daddy looking for a technical tool to supervise his kids. Yes, this is on aspect. Just before you start a discussion on how to guide kids through the digital age… I was sitting next to my kids … I already guided them through the internet, I thrust my kids… But now my kids are in an age where

  • they do not need / want to have mum or dad on the same desk
  • mum and dad do not want to see stupid cosmetic tips of a youtube infuencer
  • my kids know when to call me if something looks strange…
  • my kids start to use the computer for homework

I want to teach them how to organize a limited resource between leasure and school, e.g. time to perapare a presentation and time to watch youtube videos. If you spend up all time for youtube, there will be no time left for OpenOffice… It is somehow like pocket money - you give more but require to take care e.g. for cloth on their own. But in contrast to chash, the concept of time is much more abstract. It requires much more organisatory skills (at least for a kid).

Please see another advantage, too:
Some companys look out employees on weekends or say after 20:00 or enforce a maximum daily work time of 10 h inculding a break for min 30 min after 7 hours… Would be interesting to mirror such policies for a domain logon.

Some software seems to be Userlock by IS Decisions.

Thanks and best regards

can’t test it, but worth a reading IMO: