User interface has no default language

If no language is set the user interface looks like this:

After choosing a language it looks good again:

I tested with Chrome and Edge and it needed to be set once in each browser.
It just worked with Firefox without setting a language.


This is indeed a bug!
Thanks for reporting, I’ve opened an bug card:

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Hi all,

We are very lucky to have such a person as @mrmarkuz in this forum.



Hi @mrmarkuz

Where to change the language ?


In the Account settings in the upper right corner.

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Hi Markus,

Thank you.


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Hi @mrmarkuz, thanks for reporting.

It was a bug that prevented the English fallback to work properly if the language set in the browser is not supported by NethSecurity (currently only English and Italian are supported).

We have released a new image that should solve the problem, these are the steps for testing:

  • Install the updated version of NethSecurity
  • Clear NethSecurity language preference on your browser: open browser developer tools (Chromium in the screenshot below), go to Application tab, select the domain of you VM under Local storage, select preferences-root and click the cross button to delete the entry
  • Reload the page
  • You should now see the UI in English, since your browser language is not currently supported

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Why the browser should store the preferences of language?
Deleting the related cookie might also work?

NethSecurity is not currently using any cookie.
Local storage is used to remember user preferences, like which WAN interface to display in the “WAN traffic” dashboard chart, or which language the user prefers; by default browser language is used, but the user can explicitly choose one of the supported languages inside Account management page.

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Thanks for the detailed explaination, however, “local storage” of the browser act like… a cookie?

Cookies are usually read by the server and are transferred inside HTTP headers.
Local storage entries are used only for client-side purposes, they don’t have an expiration and can contain complex javascript objects.

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Where can I find the new image for testing?

At the official download link: Download — NethSecurity documentation

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Great, the test worked. After clearing the language preference and reloading the page, the UI is in English now. I can’t reproduce the issue anymore. :+1: