User individual POP3 Connector Handling

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: POP Connector

This is a little feature request:
I kindly suggest to allow each user to set up own Mail Connector. Otherwise the root user will allways know the users password for the external mail (e.g. gmx, yahoo),

I I had a wish, I would put it on the same side, where a user can log in an changs his password.

Thanks for konsidering

Perhaps consider the POP3 proxy instead of the POP3 connector. That way the connection is controlled by the end user, and as a (possible) benefit, the user does not need an account in NS.



In sogo mail preferences/imap accounts it’s possible to add IMAP accounts:

Thanks for purposals. I particularly like Markus option but both do not meet my general requirements:

  • external email are just a legacy support for my users
  • I would like to host emails on my own server, therefor POP3 proxy is not an option
  • same for IMAP within SoGo - the emails are still remain on the same external server