User and Groups isn't in visible in the menu

In May this year this was already a discussion point that the User and Groups menu isn’t visible after the initial installation. I will not start the discussion again but the documentation isn’t consistent.
In the documentation is written:
If the directory module is installed, and the admin user has been enabled, you can use it to access
the web interface with same privileges as root user. See Admin account.

Sorry, I can’t find a Directory Module.

I propose a list of the modules if they are installed which will create the User and Groups menu to make it clear. I don’t know which this is otherwise I would add it.

Are you talking about this page?


Ok. And now I know how I refer to a part of the documentation. :smile:

What if I change it to:

If the File server, Email server or any other module requiring Users and groups module is installed from the Software center…

Yes, this would make it clear.

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Did you notice the “Edit on GitHub” link? Everyone can contribute to the documentation! I can help you to do it on GitHub!

Manual updated, thanks to @davidep and @WillZen!

I know the GitHub but I didn’t know which software will create the User menu. And by the way I wrote my last post around 23:15. I was really tired and needed to go to bed.
If I find something and I know it is correct I will add t by my self the next time.

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