User Account Management

So what do you guys use or recommend to record and manage user account details including passwords? (Please don’t say Excel :slight_smile: )

I was thinking of using something like Syspass (sysPass | Systems Password Manager) with LDAP integration but thought I’d check if others have a better solution before I start playing with it.


Personally I use KeepassXC. But also Bitwarden (selfhosted, docker image is probably the easiest to deploy) can be a great option.


I am a big fan of Bitwarden for business use - particularly their Organization Vaults and Send products.

It sounds like the question is asking about managing account details for others, not necessarily for yourself–and if that’s the case, I don’t have any suggestions. If you are asking about yourself, though, I’ve been happy with self-hosted Bitwarden for the last couple of years.

Yes, it is about managing other’s details Dan. I do use bitwarden for my own details.

I use as @robb the “naked” version of Keepass, the “usual” keepass 2 which is mono-.NET based.
And creating this url i found that i need to update my doodle…

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