Use the VirtualBox

NethServer Version: 7 Final
Module: VirtualBox

Hi everyone,
In a recent post we talked about how to install and configure the virtualbox.
After this step, who is using the virtual box?
I encountered problems:

  1. Inoperable mouse and keyboard. Has anyone had this problem?
  2. Manual not in line with the interface.
  3. A version 6 already exists, is it possible to upgrade?

Anyone testing?

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Well the support of virtualbox 6.x is not ready to be released, at least there is no release yet but for what I read they are working on it and the current develop branch is supposed to be compatible.

But I suppose it is too early to release it, I do prefer to wait after a stable release. It is a community driven project, I recall in the past that the project has stopped when the initial lead dev Ian Moore has got family problems…as ever this project needs volunteers

did you use the rdp console of the flash console ?

sorry what did you mean ?

OK for the version, I understand.
The RDP is ok, but the console button asks me for the Adobe Flash. What do I have to do?
The manual that is called from the web page of the virtual box does not seem to refer to the version in use.

The web console is with flash, unfortunately you have nothing to do, I saw some issues asking a web console based on html5 but I have no ideas after any ETA

For the manual maybe a pull request or an issue should be done on the github project