Use of Subscription on a second (test-) system

I have Nethserver with subscription running.
Additionally I installed Nethserver on a virtual machine for testing purposes, but I dont get updates there.
I think the problem is the missing subscription, is it possible to use my subscription on the testing machine as well?

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For the updates, the subscription delays the availability of the updates after some time for allowing a “less experimental state” of release.

Therefore, IMVHO, you should anyway access to updates, subscription or not…

I manage 10-15 servers among test and at customer premises, and updates flows without issues… mostly. :slight_smile:

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For some reason, it is not possible to get updates, even the applications aren’t shown under Software Center.
Might be an issue caused by the firewall, which ports have to be open to get updates, is it enough to open the ports 80 (HTTP) & 443 (HTTPS)?

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For testing puposes I allowed all traffic on the firewall, then nethserver gets it’s updates. So, as suspected, I have a rule missing on the firewall.
Which port has to be opened?

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80 and 443 are used for out. But the answer could came from ephemeral ports (1024 to 65k)

Ports 80 & 443 are open.
I figured out that nethserver tries to connect to the google DNS (, altough I set the Firewall as gateway. For testing purposes I allowed to use the google DNS, then it works, I think there’s a problem with DNS.