Use Nethserver for commercial purposes


Is it possible to use Nethserver solution for commercial purposes? I can see that the project is under GPLv3 licensee, but not sure about the permitted/rules usages of the project?

AFAIK Yes. You can consider to subscribe for have better support and “delayed/tested” updates.

I am no part of the project nor partner with the company who fund NethServer.

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From A Quick Guide to GPLv3 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation, and note the first bullet:

“Any purpose” sounds pretty clear. And from the text of the license itself:

This License explicitly affirms your unlimited permission to run the unmodified Program.

“Unlimited permission” would mean that this permission is without any restriction, including on the purpose of your use.


Does this mean that the “unlimited permission” is only explicitly valid for the unmodified program, even though you’re explictly allowed to modify the program…?

Also obscuring the fact that as author of a (legally modified) version, you also have new rights and permissions, including the right to set new ones? (eg modified version released under MIT instead of GPL3)

GPL3 is more restrictive than GPL2, AFAIK…


My 2 cents

Yes, it does. If you modify it, you fall under other provisions of the license.

It gets complicated, but if you modify GPL3 code, you can’t just release the resulting code under a different license; any version of the GPL requires that derivative works be distributed under the GPL.

But that isn’t OP’s question; he’s asking about using Nethserver for commercial purposes–and both the spirit and the letter of its license explicitly permit using it for any purpose.


Thanks all for you responses.

So, any modification or derivative should be made public under the same GPLv3 licensee, right?

I’d encourage you to read the license carefully to fully understand its requirements, but that’s my general understanding.

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