Use Nethserver DC in Thunderbird

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: nsdc

How can I use the directory of the nethserver DC in Thunderbird?

The connection is made via Openvpn!

Ping: OK


Nethserver DC Settings:

Thunderbird Settings:


When I try to enter a name, it asks for the password:


However, the bind password is not accepted here.

Does somebody has any idea?


SSL (port 636) is required and maybe you need to add cn=users to the base dn.
Here’s a working config:


Some time ago we were talking about LDAP and Thunderbird: :grinning:

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Hi Markus,

I know that.
But now with another NS version and still connected via OpenVPN.
I can’t get a connection here.

Does a port have to be released? I can’t find the service in NS Services. LDAP is not installed, only the DC.

Sorry for the confusion, I posted the right config for AD (screenshot), you just need SSL and port 636, no matter if vpn or not.

I just found the old LDAP thread and wanted to link it here because it’s a similar topic.


You may need a valid certificate or disable strong auth:

Hi Markus,

I changed the following:

In /var/lib/machines/nsdc/etc/samba/smb.conf add line
ldap server require strong auth = no

After that I was able to display entries, but here you will only find the names, no email addresses.

Whats wrong now?

Are there other services in NS for this?


You could add a config line in Thunderbirds advanced preferences.

Add ldap_2.servers.MyAD.attrmap.PrimaryEmail and set it to userPrincipalName. “MyAD” is the name of my LDAP addressbook.

To change it for all addressbooks you could change ldap_2.servers.default.attrmap.PrimaryEmail to userPrincipalName

After restarting Thunderbird the mail addresses should be shown correctly.



SOGo supports addressbooks.

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Nextcloud also supports TB Adressbooks very well… (TBsync App)…

My 2 cents


Hi Andy,

I use this variant :+1: