Use /home with FTP

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: FTP

Excuse me for the stupid question. But I’m not very experienced with linux.
I’m testing, when I install neth on a PC with single-hd, it automatically creates partition: /root (50 gb), /swap (based on RAM) and /home (with the remaining Gb of HD ).
In the status_disk usage, I see only 50 Gb of /root, if l active ftp, uses /root space, if I active emails uses /root space. How do I use the /home space?
The other installations I manually resized /root, but I don’t think it’s the correct procedure.
Is there a standard way to handle partitions?
Thank you

No one knows how to answer me, or the question is too stupid …?
thank you

Hi Roberto, your question is not stupid at all!

Please search this forum for similar topics, it has been surely discussed in the past.

In short: home/ is not used, the growing dir is var/ and you can allocate it as separate partition.

Hi @roberto.schiano

Sorry for the late reply.

Maybe I did not understand the question.
Did you install nethserver from community iso? I just reinstalled it on single hdd and standard installation assigns all the space to “/”.
The default folder containing the data and settings in nethserver is /var/lib/nethserver

Install from iso. I do a custom installation, split the disk into /root 50 Gb, /swap based on ram memory and the rest of the disk /home. Do I miss something when I install it?

Nethserver does not host the home for the data but /var/lib/nethserver. You should assign to /var the largest part of the disk.

Unattended Installation: All the space of the hd is assigned to /root. A critical error on the dashboard is reported on RAID1 (sda1 / sda2) … ??? I have only one hd.