Use a disk for only one ibay

Hi, I’ve a question, I need to add a disk of 2To on the server, this disk will be a share folders for the users, and I want to manage the folder like an ibay, I’ve try to add the ibay and mount the disk on it. It’s work a bit, but if I need to add user access, I can’t. So have you an idea ?

How did you mount the disk ? You will need to have ACL enabled for this.
Paste here the line from fstab and maybe some users can help you.

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I mount the disk with fstab,
UUID=c27d45a7-249e-4768-8a29-c86907590fe1 /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/partage ext4 defaults,acl,auto 1 1
Like I do on my other os and server.

Thanks to look at my trouble, I wish I understand more quickly nethserver for helping community