US based repos?

NethServer Version: 9.4
Module: Base

Are there any US based repos/mirrors?

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Good question. I’ve actually never saw a mirror list.

Hey there!

There’s actually just one host in the EU distributing Rocky Linux updates for NS8 right now. The system load is pretty low, so we haven’t planned on adding more mirrors just yet.

Why are you asking about a US-based mirror? Are your downloads slow or something?

My office web filter, which I cannot adjust, has limits and policies against repos from outside the US.

If you’re having any issues with the official NS8 infrastructure, you can switch to the official Rocky Linux repositories unless you need/want to enable a Subscription plan.

Just edit /etc/yum.repos.d/nethserver.repo to disable our repositories and enable the corresponding items in rocky.repo.

OS updates are usually well tested by RHEL and Rocky teams, only pay attention to minor distro upgrades, like 9.4->9.5 where the new Podman release may break something and we need some time to find the fix.

A similar advice is valid for Debian users, when the time to upgrade to 13 will come.

May I ask why? Is it due to a legal requirement or an office security policy?

Legal requirement.

So any NS8 user in the US has the same issue! I’m not aware of any US laws that limit software provenance. Can you provide some references or details?

Russian and Chinese hardware/software does ring a bell.


Not at all. Whatever legal requirements @SpiceDenver is referring to aren’t universal for .us.

That’s a pretty good trick.

It’s a direct copy from the /etc/os-version file. I’m using the vmdk download for NS8.