Urgent help request - accidently started data recovery

Hi, anybody online - I just pressed “backup recovery” - can I stop this???

Please … the system is running right now and it is from Amazon S3 … I do not want to spend the money for an unneeded recovry…

cc/ @support_team

sorry, do not know what processes have to be stopped for that. Try to identify them using top (or similar) and lsof maybe

To be precise:

I wanted to check the size of the backup so I came from

Cockpick - System - Backupup - restore (selected the backup from tonight)…

This is the one to Amazon S3, approx. 0.5 TB … which is not required.

sorry lsof givs some 100 results. …
top lists “restic” as PID 3232 on top … which is obviously the restore process

The banner is:

Background task in progress: a data restore is running.

How do I stop this ???

if from top press k and write the process pid, or you can use another command like

pkill restic
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you can check (and stop if running) the script that initiated the restore process /usr/libexec/nethserver/api/nethserver-restore-data/execute (jq)

sorry, in your case, as the restore process was initiated from the backup page one of the process to kill could be:


any process referencing restore or restic

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THX, that one worked, but I am not sure if it stopped in the middle of overwriting some file. Do you know if I can somehow check?

you would have to check the logs (for replaced files and so on), but do not recall if that information is logged. Otherwise you would have to find a way to check latest modified files.

Thanks, marc, but do not believe I would have knowledge … I do not know anything about logs, how to find them and what to look for …