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If a business purchased the top Nethserver support package, what would happen in the case of an upstream issue? I suppose that would not be with Centos but Redhat. Does the Nethserver organisation have a support contract with Redhat so that any upstream issue with Redhat components that Nethserver is based on can be fixed quickly?

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Hi @nobicycle,
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At first step I had to say, that updates for subscription versions come out one week after the community version. So the community and the quality_team has enough time to test everything. If something goes wrong the subscription versions are only updated if the problem is fixed.
But I think @giacomo or @alefattorini can give youmore information here.

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If we found some software is not working properly we report issues to the upstream project which maintain it (e.g., …) so they can eventually fix it.


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Hello Davide

Geeks know the quality of Nethserver offering is high. However “Enterprise” business people worry about such things as up-time and purchase expensive contracts with “Enterprise” providers such as Oracle, Redhat, … that are almost never used … it acts as insurance.

They would probably purchase support contracts for :

  1. the Nethserver Management layer AND
  2. the Centos/Redhat Operating System.

However, SMB and SME probably cannot afford both.

One might consider that getting fixes for 2. is more important than bug fixes for 1. because system management can always fallback to the command line if there were a problem with 1.

If there were a niche problem with systemd for example, filing a bug with Redhat would not get a timely response.

The purpose of raising these questions is how to convince business people to accept that nethserver support is adequate and that a Redhat support contract is an optional extra? From a risk point of view, it seems to me that a Redhat contract for Nethserver would be better , but then - why not just run Redhat?

These issues would go away if Nethserver Organisation had its own contract with Redhat so that upstream issues would get proper attention.

Sadly RedHat doesn’t provide any subscription on CentOS. :frowning:

Hi, giacomo,

Centos is Redhat derived.

Somewhere on Nethserver sites the product is described as being based on both.

Is nethserver 100% based on Centos? Even if it was, a bug could be quickly checked as present in Redhat and raised with Redhat.

If Nethserver wish to appear as solid to SME’s then the issue of full-stack support (1. AND 2. above) needs addressing. Until it is addressed, I think many SME managers will think along the lines already mentioned:

From a risk point of view a Redhat contract for Nethserver would be better , but then - why not just run Redhat?