UPS - who's the boss?

Hello friends!

After everything is updated, I’m still pondering where to integrate my UPS (APC via USB).

In the old system it was connected to the NS7 server, where the command to shut down the devices came.

Since I have now dared to do everything again, the question now is where does it make the most sense?

New setup:
Proxmox (NS7, home assistant, test machines)

a) Connection to the firewall?
b) Integration into Proxmox?
c) in a virtual machine?

The following devices are buffered:

  • OPNSense
  • Proxmox
  • switches
  • WLAN controller, access point

Emotionally I prefer the OPNSense as the central control element.
But maybe you have other or much better ideas!


Hi @gerald_FS

I generally prefer using a seperate Raspberry, but since beginning of 2021 Raspberries are extremly hard to get. Demand far higher than Production. :frowning:

They work well, are completly independant. I also on occasion have used the Proxmox directly, but in one case, I had to reboot Proxmox because it wouldn’t see the UPS anymore. Now rebooting several VMs, just because a USB Interface needs to be reset is BAD!

OPNsense would be a great candidate, especially if it’s a seperate box. Tried that at a site with only an OPNsense and a Synology NAS, but unfortunately, OPNsense only can run NUT (The UPS software) as a “local” version, or as a Network Client, not as a NUT server… :frowning: The Synology can run as NUT server…

Using a VM inside Proxmox is less suitable and reliable, due to possible issues during backups, migration, etc…

So my personal tip for your use case: Proxmox!

My 2 cents