Upgrading to NextCloud 10.0.1

Hmm… not sure what you mean. I was referring to the Quota column in the Users page in NextCloud. The quota can be changed per user from there, and also the default quota can be changed from the “gear” button in the lower-left corner of the same view.

Thanks a lot for your tests @lucian & @medworthy :thumbsup:
Now, it could be useful if you want to update the issue https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5155 with your tests description and you can also set the label to “verified”.
Then we can proceed with the final release :wink:

Just add an entry to the Github record (couldn’t find any way of changing the label).

just click on on Labels,
then deselect Testing and click on verified

I don’t have access to the gear icon (and therefore no option to to change the label).

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ah ok, i think @davidep should add you to IssuesTeam to have access


You’ve been invited, @medworthy! :blush:

Just updated the label to “verified”


Thanks to all of you! @medworthy @davidep @alep @dz00te @lucian NextCloud 10.0.1 is going to be released soon!

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